MOCAYA S.L informs all users of its website that according to stated Cookies Policy in the European term since May 26, 2012, this page has been enabled for law enforcement.
This new law involves some web modifications in a visual and informative level as described below.

What’s the new cookies law?

The Cookies Law obligates webpages the duty of:

  • Explaining what is a cookie.
  • Inform users that cookies are used at their web and also in third party webpages.
  • Explain how they can be deactivated.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that can be placed on a user computer or mobile device. Cookies identify users’ browser or device in an anonymous way.
Cookies itself, don’t collect personal information in most of the cases and don’t identify specific users. Cookies are mostly used to compile information about the user behavior in a webpage.

Types of Cookies

In general terms Cookies can be classified as:

  • Cookies from the main web: these are established by the webpage owner in order to improve the user navigation.
  • Third Party Cookies: these are cookies from a third party (another business) that are applied while entering a specific webpage. As for example; cookies from Google Analytics, Google Adwords of affiliate systems.

Depending on the length of the cookies there might be:

  • Login cookies: these cookies will only stay on a user device until they stop browsing.
  • Persistent cookies : these cookies will stay on a user computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted depending on the webpage that enabled these cookies.

MOCAYA S.L informs through this webpage that:

  • Manuel Cava website uses cookies with the purpose of customizing and provide a better user navigation.
  • Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and will not be giving any personal information.
  • The user can set up its browser to notify and decline cookies sent from Manuel Cava or from third parties.
  • The exploitation of this page and its use implies full acceptance of the European Cookies Law.

Manuel Cava Cookies uses the following cookies:
Cookies from the main web- These cookies are strictly necessary in order to provide our web contents and ensure the functionality and performance of the visit to our webpage.
Google Analytics Cookie – this cookie is activated with analytic purposes in order to generate statistic and information reports about how users found the web and how they use it.

How to deactivate or setup cookies

From your browser you can setup your cookie configuration. The following links will take you to your browser setup:

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In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at:


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